Sarah Palin: Dems Pounce On McCain Pick

You’re kidding right? This can not be his selection. If it is, what an insult to the Hillary voters. Does he actually believe the reason Hillary supporters were and are so fervently behind her is because she’s a woman? If anyone believes that, they have not one ioda of respect for Mrs. Clinton nor her history. If one GOP type insinuates we have Palin on the ticket so it should make it a difficult choice for women are so out of touch with the Clinton candidacy they need to be out of politics, government, news, blogging or where ever they come from. Palin? The GOP acid test for Obama is experience and they put some one on the ticket that’s a heart beat from the city council next to a 72 year old candidate who has had his own bouts with cancer. I’m just going to stop writing this right now. I have to take a moment.
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