Loyal Clinton Backers Would Rather Kill The Party…

Loyal Clinton Backers Would Rather Kill The Party…     When did Barack Obama become responsible for Hillary Clinton’s loss? Was it Obama who did not have a strategy in place beyond Super Tuesday? As much as many would like to point to misogyny, it was more so miscalculation and a divisive primary campaign team that created this scenario. For some reason Clinton Loyalist do not want to point to that, they would rather carry that very divisiveness over into the general election. Obama was a long shot that took on a favorite and his reward for running one of the most successful and well conceived primary campaigns in modern history is the wrath of half his party. It was not Obama who declared he was going to “throw the kitchen sink” at his opponent. Nor did he claim that politics was a contact sport and suggest his opponent put on the pads. Admittedly, the primary season was tough on Democrats, however, dragging the winner out to the woodshed for a flogging because unlike other presumptive nominees he hasn’t risen to a level contrition by selecting his opponent as his running mate, or because he has not had dinner with her husband to sooth his bruised ego. This is no reason to roll the party under the bus. Democrats this is your time. Be Democrats. Be one party. Be a breath of fresh air after eight years. Be Democrats.

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