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During a US Presidential election season in a two party system, no party has had it so good, so rosy, since the election directly following the departure of President Richard M. Nixon from office, as does the current Democratic Party. The Republicans didn’t have it this good after the popular President Ronald Reagan completed his eighth year in office. The Democrats are running against a party that currently and arguably has the most unpopular president in the history of the United States of America. George W. Bush is the steward of the worst military decisions our valiant service persons have had to endure since the Vietnam War. And to those who still believe that the occupation of Iraq is not as bad as the Vietnam War, they will be stunned when they realize we have finally surpassed it. So much so, that the media is still not allowed to film our fallen soldiers bodies being returned home. What are the Democrats doing?


“The global current account deficit of the United States is now larger than it has ever been—nearing $800 billion, almost 7 percent of US GDP. To finance both the current account deficit and its own sizable foreign investments, the United States must import about $1 trillion of foreign capital every year or more than $4 billion every working day.” –

The Peterson Institute for International Economics

Homes are foreclosing at a record rate, gas prices have skyrocketed, The nation’s capitol has more inmates in our jails than students in colleges, IndyMac, one of our countries largest lenders has failed and the government take over is estimated at 8 billion dollars. Jobs are disappearing, food prices are up, and record numbers are on some form of government food assistance, housing or unemployment. Let’s not even get in to our environment. 

These are hard times. A time when there is a need for new leadership. Enter the Democrats, with an opportunity to almost literally run the board. When I say run the board, I am saying, The House, The Senate, The White House, Governorships, and yes even Mayoral elections. That’s how bad it is out there. That is how badly America and the world wants a fresh start.

What are the Democrats doing? The Democrats are still holding on to wounds opened during a primary season as if that were the big election. As if they have actually won something. They have a presumptive nominee crisscrossing the country because of political sour grapes, trying to woo and convince another Democrat’s donor’s that they, after all, are all Democrats, even as some of them start negative 527s against him. He’s hearing through back channels that a former Democratic President is going to make him beg for his support, he hears, on air and directly, from the lips of another Democrat that he would like to cut his n—s off. The candidate himself is inexplicably moving to the center when all he had to do was stay the course. Again, what are the Democrats doing? I have never seen anyone have it so good… and act so sad.


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