Fox News And Its Obsession To Wear White

What is with Fox News and its obsession with convincing the media world and the public in general that it delivers “fair and balanced” news? It would be as if Pamela Anderson insisted on wearing white if she remarried Tommy Lee. The point is, it is their right and hers to wear what they want, call it what they want, for any reasons that they want. However, Fox, what is this aversion toward saying “we are right in more ways then one”?

Oh of course, years ago at first blush, one may have thought “hey they’re doing just as they say, they’re reporting the news and letting us decide”. Even Bill O’Reilly seemed more of a straight shooter of truth rather than a mouth piece of the red. But as the years have gone by and the point of view of Fox News has become more decidedly to the right, so too has their obsession with claiming they have not changed. Fox News has become the overweight woman squeezing into a size six or the middle aged man who convinces himself he is still slim because he can fit one hand in his front pocket and that he doesn’t tuck his shirt in anymore because it’s a style choice. Even when they try to appear to show balance thorough Liberal vs. Conservative counterpoint it is clear from the onset that its been set up so that the left are the fish in the barrel while the right displays as little gun control as possible. Hannity and Colmes? As much as one can admire Mr. Colmes’ efforts, it’s clear that the fix is in for Sean Hannity to shine and if it isn’t, please get Mr. Colmes some help. Now, Lanny Davis is added to Fox’s liberal mix. Once again, at first look this seems to bolster the view of the left but in actuality Fox has brought on a former vocal supporter of Hillary Clinton to voice opinions about the Presidential General Election which just happens to include the candidate that beat Sen. Clinton in the primaries.  Think this going to be fair and balanced? Think fat man in the mirror sucking his gut in and changing his name to Brad Pitt. Guess what? Whether the man admits it or not to himself he ain’t gettin’ next to Angelina Jolie.

So Fox… IT’S OKAY. It’s okay that you’re a right winger. But please, please stop with the self importance that you are fair and balanced, or that you report and let us decide. We don’t buy it and if you’ve looked in the mirror, neither have you. So go ahead and wear white, tight dresses and suck in the gut when you look in the media mirror, but know obsessions are not always the truth even when you think you look good.

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