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The GOP states they have America’s best interest at heart while refusing to pay bills that they the Congress approved. This is not about a deficit. America’s deficit is currently dropping at a record rate. Yet, the GOP does not want to pay America’s bills unless they get something in return. What average American can honestly say they tell the Gas company or the Cable company or their landlord or mortgage provider that they are not going to pay the bill until they’re given some incentive to do so?

Think about it. “Look, I know I’ve been watching cable television all month and the cable bill for next month is due, but I don’t think I’m going to pay you until you buy my daughter a new bike.” How about, ” The family and I had a wonderful time at Sea World this summer and I’m looking at the charges now on my Visa and I’m not really feeling paying for that now… UNLESS… we can work something out with my son’s orthodontist. If you can go halfies on some Invisilign Braces I’ll pay my Visa bill for another two months.”

Congress is doing what has never been done before, wanting extra perks for something every American has to do without incentive except for possibly  losing their homes, attaining a horrible credit score or not being able to send their children to school. Americans have to, must pay the bills they’ve accrued with no extra promises, no pats on the back and no hoopla. GOP you want to represent Americans? Do what Americans do, they pay bills.

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