The Digital Political Endorses The Re-Election Of President Barack Obama

They shouted, “You Lie” at a state of the union address. They allowed their party to be commandeered by a fringe faction that marched with poster portraits of the President portrayed as Hitler. They play cat and mouse with embracing and supporting a movement that questions the President’s natural born citizenship. They have blocked the confirmation of his appointees through filibuster, committee or procedural minutia more than any President in modern history. Day one of President Obama’s inauguration, the newly elected GOP Congress pledged that for four years their mission would not be to legislate for a better America, but for the defeat and failure of the newly elected president. They refuse to admit how deeply their flawed policies created the economic trench that America finds itself still digging itself out of nor any acknowledgment that it all happened under the watch of a GOP President. In fact, they have banished that President from party functions.

They have embraced a platform that is intent on reversing Roe vs. Wade and seeks to maintain government control over a woman’s body and reproductive rights. They support immigration reform that blindly treats all undocumented immigrants as enemies of the state with no recognition to age nor circumstance and create laws that allow anyone with brown skin to be detained on the suspicion that they do not belong in this country.

They have nominated a candidate for President of the United States that would have made the decision to allow the American auto industry to go bankrupt and believes that 47% of US citizens have no desire to be self sufficient and are content to look upon government for handouts and a quick fix for their lives. He believes in an antiquated “Trickle Down Theory” of economics where the wealthy continue to receive tax breaks despite our economy being unable to sustain them.  He believes preventative medical care equates to a trip to a hospital emergency room during the eleventh hour of a heath related calamity. He refuses to be forthright and open to the electorate when it comes to tax returns, off shore bank accounts and programs he will cut (Big Bird excluded) in order to balance the budget.

On the other hand, the President does have his flaws, the most glaring has been his inability to use the full weight of the White House as a means to pressure a GOP Congress to pass his agenda or at least a negotiated version of it. Lyndon B. Johnson he is not. But this has not been due to a lack of trying. Though his brief time in the Senate t is not what one points to when trying to get elected to a higher office, it is the difference between Obama and LBJ. Johnson spent years in the Senate and was a master at gamely manipulating the fulcrum of the Oval Office for the good of the country and his agenda.

However, Obama is not the only President to have struggled with the knack to coax the opposing party his way.  John F. Kennedy and his short term in the Senate before ascending to Presidency proved to be his political achilles also. President Obama, came to office seeking change and mistakenly believed those already there also wanted movement in the partisan status quo. He would quickly learn there is a reason Washington stays the same. Power.

Yet, President Barack Obama has his assets and his pros far out weigh his cons. His greatest asset is that he understands that government and governing is about more than the economy. He understands the direct correlation between government and living an everyday life and that its size is not dictated by a grand idea, but by the human condition of its citizenry of the time. If the government is of the people and by the people, it should reflect the needs of the people and be as fluid as a people’s needs in an ever changing world. As one who has studied and taught Constitutional law, Obama respects the fact that anything less than a caring government goes against the good faith in which it was created. On other fronts such as, the impact of Hurricane Sandy and its devastation and the clear statement it makes about climate change, the housing market, the jobless rate, immigration, the rights of women and the rising disparity between the rich and poor which is facilitating the shrinkage of the middle class and turning citizen against citizen, there is no time greater than now that we need Obama’s clear eyed vision of how efficient but caring government must coexist with the cultural and financial advancement of America and the world.

Finally, on the world stage as he does at home, President Obama posses a temperament, when placed in crisis mode, that reaches out to those in need, yet as in the mission to seek Bin Laden, is hard, calculating and disciplined. He understands the consequence of military intervention on friends, foes and the families of our service personnel. He is not impulsive and looks for a peaceful solution before looking for the trigger.

It is for these reasons and many more which can not be embraced in a single article that, The Digital Political resoundly supports the re-election of Barack Obama for a second term as President of the United States Of America.

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