The Electoral College – 2016

by Walter Allen Bennett, Jr. on December 16, 2016


Fox News Speaks Truth About Donald Trump… Finally

by Walter Allen Bennett, Jr. on August 27, 2016


The latest installment of “The Internet Explodes with Hatred for Hillary Clinton” happened earlier this month. The Democratic presidential candidate, whose own record on AIDS research and funding is better than any other candidate, mistakenly said that former US first lady Nancy Reagan was a key supporter of AIDS research. Reagan was, in reality, horrible about AIDS in every possible way. Clinton immediately apologized, then apologized again, at length. Yet we’re still seeing a wagonload of “I’ll never vote for her” claims from progressives, as if her words about Reagan trump–and I’m using that verb deliberately–her actual record on AIDS research and funding. Why?

Privilege is what allows Sanders supporters to say they’ll “never” vote for Clinton



Another America

by Walter Allen Bennett, Jr. on April 1, 2016

We Go In Circles…

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